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We are Brainstorm - a software company that enhances your business with innovative IT solutions and the application of artificial intelligence. We are committed to putting your data at the service of your profitability. From smart factories to hotels, our AI and other technology-based solutions provide customers complete control over their business systems.

Always available

Our attitude is what sets us apart from other IT companies. Responsibility and commitment in work are our main values, which we place before the financial aspect.  

Our clients are also our partners and their successes are our successes. This is the basis of our approach, which we do not deviate from.

We work continuously to ensure that our business operations are based on loyalty and we treat our partners politely, kindly, with understanding and good manners. We take responsibility for mistakes, and we try to work out misunderstandings. We recognize complaints or criticism as an opportunity for progress and improvement of our own processes, as well as cooperation with the client.

Creating new business values

Implementing the partner's requirements is not always the same as solving the partner's problem itself. 

As professionals, we are committed to identifying and avoiding situations where, through unclear communication with our partner and focusing on the wrong segments, we needlessly waste energy and time, as well as, ultimately, money.

We always approach the project thinking outside the box and, together with our partner, try to create additional business value and deliver top-quality software. Anything less just makes no sense to us.

This standard, woven into our DNA, helps us to be recognizable in the market as a software company focused on creating new business values. And that is why we can proudly stand behind every delivered project, knowing that all the effort, dedication and skills we have are built into it.

Attention to detail

We are software experts and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Motivation of excellence and a high level of professionalism runs through every segment of our workflow, from communication with clients itself to every single line of code, text or document. 

We consider our code and architecture as a work of art. Modern, scalable, separate, reusable and efficient are epithets that best describe our products and guarantee software that not only functions properly, but is also truly well crafted. We do not consider any task completed without thorough testing and detailed documentation.

In order to maintain company reputation that we value so much, it is extremely important to us that everything we do is perfect, error-free, functional, tested and complete, without bugs and without the need for corrections.

Solutions below the master level are simply unacceptable and we do not deliver the product unless we are absolutely sure that there is no way to improve it.

Professionalism and passion

For a successful work collective, it is essential that its members can rely on and count on each other to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and produces results in accordance with high standards that are at the core of the promises we make to our partners.

The core values of our company are responsibility and excellence in all business segments.

Our goals are to do the things we love and create a great working environment. Driven by this thought, we have assembled a team that has a high level of experience, professionalism and commitment, which anyone who wants to seriously deal with software must possess.

Failure to respect any goal is not an option for any of us, and we apply that approach to all segments of our work because we want to work on a master level, doing things that make sense for our partners, making money along the way.

Brainstorm history

Brainstorm was founded in 2018, when our founder Marko Lukičić, as a member of the Management Board of the renowned hotel company Jadranka d.d., was faced with the need to implement digital transformation and introduce machine learning technology. He successfully carried out the first phase of digitalization of the company – the implementation of the hotel system, CRM system and hotel Wi-Fi system. In the second phase, the implementation of algorithms to encourage additional guest consumption faced a problem – no local or global company had the required experience in the hotel industry, data science and IT. Lukičić realized that there was room in the market for producers of systems as implemented in Jadranka – and he founded Brainstorm.

We are experts in numerous segments of development and application of data science and information technologies. By developing innovative solutions in the areas of mobile applications, enterprise software and artificial intelligence, we improve the operations of companies and enhance their profitability. In order to continuously deliver superior solutions, we use comprehensive knowledge from the IT segment and all our products are 100% authentic and developed for the needs of our clients, internally and in cooperation with partner companies, without the use of ready-made modules and solutions available on the market.

In hospitality, we combine many years of knowledge and experience with technological expertise, in order to create solutions of big data systems and systems based on artificial intelligence that raise the level of experience of hotel guests and their monetary value.

Our team

AI, IT, hospitality, industry, management – our team covers all aspects of business operations

Marko Lukičić

Executive Director

Krešimir Čemerika

Financial Director

Mario Petrović

Advisor and Partner

Filip Špoljar

Development Team Leader

Marko Šimić

Sales Director

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