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Aimy is designed to increase each guest's cash consumption, while providing an unforgettable, personalized, unrivalled stay.

Meet Aimy

We have merged our expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, IT, hospitality and management into a unique system that understands all the wishes and needs of guests.

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Increasing sales

Increase the guest value by offering the right experience at the right time

High occupancy

Increasing the efficiency of service delivery helps increase the number of guests

Dynamic pricing

Recognize large consumers who are receptive to offers from sales campaigns

Our team

BRAINSTORM – we are transforming the hotel industry for the digital age

We are committed to using our IT, AI and hospitality expertise to support your success

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  • Reliability

    Reliability is one of our main features, which we transfer from our relationship with our clients to our solutions. We uncompromisingly deliver error-free software with architecture and solutions tailored to the requirements of each customer.

  • Flexibility

    Our customers know that they can rely on us and our systems to increase their potential, business value and enhance efficiency. We work with clients from a wide range of industries, who value our flexibility and openness to their ideas, requirements and suggestions.

  • Business Growth

    Our focus is always on specific profitability objectives, regardless of the industry in which the customer operates. From a more advanced user experience to automating business processes through artificial intelligence, Brainstorm solutions guarantee growth and profitability.

  • Stability

    Our solutions are not based on existing modules. We design them completely from scratch, and this ensures a strong foundation and complete control over the design. First of all, they are stable in order to ensure their applicability and ease of implementation.

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Case Studies

Croatia's largest hospitality company has improved data and system integration at the organization level with Apache Kafka

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What we have to offer

A tailor-made solution for every user in the area of software development services – data integration and data science are the basis of everything we do.

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  • Software solutions

    From enterprise solutions to mobile applications, we will take your project through all stages of life, from consulting through development to maintenance.

  • Data Science

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are powerful tools that we put in the service of your business.

  • Industry 4.0

    We implement and maintain complete Industry 4.0 solutions for smart factories and create digital twins for constant insight into the status of your plants.

  • The technologies we use

    From cloud to DevOps, see the full range of areas we cover.

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