Wide range of services

Data is our passion. Software development, data integration and data science are our core business. We offer a comprehensive package of software development services:

Creating enterprise software solutions and architecture

All well-built software depends on a thoughtfully conceived and well-designed architecture. As a company providing comprehensive service, we take care of the entire project, from consulting and identifying needs to development, integration and maintenance.

Data Science, Machine Learning

Today, colloquially speaking “Artificial Intelligence” is our first love and passion. We offer services for improving existing or producing completely new business processes using machine learning and data science, from simple business automation models to complex solutions.

Data Integration

From basic software applications (end to end integrations) to the integration of complex software and data systems into a single central data warehouse, we are experts in the construction of so-called Big Data systems.

Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

Business is increasingly approaching the edge of computing. In order to support you on this journey, we are doing the same. With our partners (manufacturers of custom hardware controllers) we design, implement and maintain complete Industry 4.0 solutions for smart factories, and through our daughter company, we also produce electronic devices and solutions.

Digital Twins

You want a real-time simulation of your industrial plant wherever you are? From simple models for advanced business automation to complex AI-supported solutions, give your employees constant insight into the condition of your plants.

Creating mobile and web applications

From research to design, we develop interfaces, implement web and mobile applications for iOS or Android operating systems.

Cloud and DevOps

Scalability, operational excellence, reliability and security – features that every complex software of today must have. We deliver them along with continuous development, principles of integration and architecture based on micro services and the cloud.


The experience of working with a wide range of technologies enables us to create a solution that perfectly fits into the IT and business environment.

Data Science & Machine Learning



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