Aimy creates happier, more satisfied and returning guests

Guests want a stay that is tailored to their personal interests and preferences, and Aimy makes it possible to do just that; draw them back and offer personalized services and experiences.

Aimy increases the guest's total value and profits through additional sales

Spending on top of room and board means increased hotel revenue, without building additional rooms and expanding capacity

Aimy covers the guest's entire journey, from booking, hotel stay to departure

At the right time, offer more than just a place to stay, upgrade your hotel from a location for sleeping to a location for enjoyment.

Aimy significantly helps educate staff and accelerates recovery from the pandemic

Always the right recommendation for your guests, regardless of level of experience and level of education of the staff you rely on.

An unforgettable stay for your guests with steep growth in profitability for your business!


WE KNOW WHO our guest is

One glance at the screen provides us with the most important information about our guest

WE KNOW WHAT to offer our guest

Aimy selects only the products that are most suitable for each individual guest

WE KNOW WHEN to offer a service

The service is offered at the right time and does not burden the guest with redundant offers

WE KNOW WHERE and HOW to offer

Offers are communicated through all channels, regardless of the guest's current location


Aimy encompasses the guest's entire journey, taking advantage of additional upsell opportunities through various devices and touch points.

Before arrival
Before arrival
Hotel website

After booking, offer your guest a special offer, tailored to their interests.

Before arrival
Email and welcome offers

Welcome a guest after booking, or send an old guest an offer that's updated with items based on their personal interests and preferences before booking.

Before arrival
Call center

Maintain natural communication with your guest. Encourage your agent to communicate spontaneously on topics of interest to each individual guest.

During the stay
During the stay
At the reception

Aimy activates automatically and the receptionist knows at a glance what to offer the guest.

During the stay
Through Wi-Fi

Let your guest know about the special in the wellness center when connecting to the hotel's free Wi-Fi.

During the stay
Through the hotel TV

The guest had a busy work day? Display on the hotel television that there's a special on their favorite beer at the bar.

During the stay
Through digital personal assistant

Create a wow effect for your guests and show that you are the hotel of the future that guests will tell their friends about!

During the stay
Through staff

At the restaurant, we know the guest's favorite dish, at the bar, we know their favorite drink!

During the stay
Through the chat

Use text messages or WhatsApp to surprise your guest with helpful recommendations.

During the stay
Video wall

During the interaction at the reception, the video wall shows a personalized offer of additional services.

After departure
After departure
Thank-you email

Send your guest a thank you email and offer them a tailor-made package for next season.


Aimy is a smart upsell system for hotels that recognizes the wishes and interests of each guest. The complete journey of each individual is encompassed, from booking, hotel stay to departure - and through all channels provides staff with timely instructions on when and what to offer guests.

For staff

  • Information about the desires and interests of each individual guest in order to provide even better service – with just a glance at the device screen
  • Aligned offers for the entire staff – without additional training and without the effect of fatigue
  • Timely and natural communication with guests without improvisation

For guests

  • Only recommendations that interest them, without interfering with privacy and redundant questions
  • Satisfaction and exceeded expectations
  • Improved experience and desire to return

For business

  • More returning guests and filled capacity
  • Increase in guest value and profit
  • Improvement in the productivity of own employees
  • Analytics, statistics and reports
  • An expanded database with personal interests for each guest, including past stays and consumer habits
  • Centralized management of sales campaigns
Who we are


We are pioneers of the Croatian digital transformation in the hospitality industry and we are experts in the development of software solutions for improving numerous aspects of the market and products, which are at the forefront of successful and efficient business operations. Our expertise and efforts have been recognized by some of the most important hotel chains, which is supported by the fact that our technical solutions have been applied in as many as 60 hotels.

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